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  • OD Technology
    Our advanced solutions simplify shipping.

    OD's customers employ technology to help reduce costs, increase efficiency and ensure better service, and so do we. From our award-winning website to our superior operational technology, our innovations have made OD the top logistics and transportation company in InformationWeek's 2010 IW 500 ranking.

  • odfl.com | odfl4me.com
    Using the speed of the web to move freight fast.

    Our award-winning website offers you many ways to get information and keep up with your shipments including tracing, rate estimators and pick-up scheduling. And odfl4me.com offers registered customers access to even more information like reports, payment, enhanced tracing and more. Come see for yourself at odfl.com and odfl4me.com.

  • EDI
    Wherever your freight goes, we keep it in reach.

    OD's Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is among the industry's most advanced, offering freight and invoice details, shipment information, shipment status messages, payment order and remittance advice, functional acknowledgment and more – all to keep you and your shipments on the go. To learn more about OD's EDI, click here.

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